things heard at a high school girl’s tennis match




"she has hecka attitude"


"are you sure that was out"




don’t hover over this text

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When your bottle cap falls face down.


lol um about a month or so?


i accidentally hit my cute coworker in the face with suitcase yesterday :c

  • me watching the Olympics: oh wow, that was impressive!
  • Me watching the Olympics at age 8: Oh that's nice
  • Me watching the Olympics at age 12: Wow I hope we win
  • Me watching the Olympics at age 16: I'm going to fuck the entire swim team and no one can stop me

retail! lmao i wouldn’t dress up for food. 


why didn’t my parents start training me to be an olympic athlete when i was like 3 okay my laziness is entirely their fault this all could have gone differently

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